Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Green & Black's: Maya Gold

With the lovely experience I had with the Green & Black’s 85% dark chocolate bar, I wasn’t about to stop sampling their offerings. Ha. As if. No, no, I moved right along to one of Green & Black's flavored bars, the Maya Gold, a 55% cacao dark chocolate bar infused with spices and orange.

The aroma of the bar is, appropriately, quite spicy. I noted some ginger and a bit of orange and found it to be reminiscent of mulling spices that are abundant throughout the Christmas season. Given the intensity of the aroma, I feared a bar so spicy that the chocolate flavor was entirely obscured.

No need for fear. The spice is pleasant and not overwhelming, though a bit aggressive near the end of the melt. The orange flavor is also immediately apparent, and is complimentary to the general citrus notes in the base chocolate. These flavors are tied together nicely with a fairly smooth melt that comes across just a bit dry towards the end. Texture aside, the flavor balance is near perfect, and this is a bar I’ll likely gravitate towards come Christmastime.

Don’t we all need more mulling spices?

Do you like the aroma of mulling spices? Or is September too early to think about that?


  1. It throws me off when food smells stronger than it tastes, but I trust your judgement on this one.

  2. Of the Green and Black's selection, I prefer this one best. Then again, I'm quite crazy for mulling spices - any time of year!

  3. Ooh glad you liked it :). Can you get all of the green and blacks range in the US?

  4. LOVE the mulling spices and LOVE that it's September and the weather is getting better! Can't wait for apple cider! And I love chocolate that's flavored with orange.

  5. I tried. I really tried. But even the smell made me nauseous.

  6. I can't handle mulling spices. Wahh. Although the orange sounds so good.