Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Teuscher Beverly Hills: 66% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar

Do you ever feel like you are really, really behind? Like perhaps so far behind, that by the time you get around to posting reviews, you’ve plowed through eight other chocolate shops in three cities?

Yeah, OK, that’s just me. Or maybe Hannah, too. Since we are long-lost sisters separated by half the planet.

But as I’ve said before, I sample chocolates and write draft reviews shortly after purchase, so I do experience the chocolates at maximum freshness.

This may or may not involve consuming large quantities of chocolate in a short amount of time. But that’s OK when you are eating health-boosting dark chocolate, like this plain Teuscher 66% cocoa dark chocolate bar.

The bar has an earthy aroma that isn’t very strong. You simply must eat it to discover more.

The earthiness isn’t that pronounced in the flavor, as a vanilla taste dominates with some earthiness underneath that, and some fruitiness – perhaps strawberry and coconut – coming through very subtly. The bar has a smooth texture, with a slow and buttery melt. The bar is not remotely dry or grainy, as some darker chocolates are. Nicely done.

Do you ever get behind in posting on your blog? Is it because you buy too much &#^%( chocolate?


  1. Yuuumm!!!!!!!! I really need to hit up some good chocolate shops while I'm in the states! :D

  2. Oh Victoria. Two things:

    1. Please don't talk to me about how behind one can be in posting chocolate. I sued to be behind when I posted chocolate every second day, and now that I only post about chocolate twice a week? *whimpers at word document of chocolate reviews*

    2. Thank you, so much, for the lovely, lovely shout-out. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and fragile right now, so this has made me very happy :) *hugs*

  3. Ha no but I do get behind in posting. I love the feature that allows you to type up things than schedule it. It has saved my life a few times...not that my blog is life or death. On a better note-you inspired me for some dark chocolate cherry waffles. New favvv.

  4. Sounds like a great bar! I almost always feel behind lol.