Friday, May 13, 2011

K Chocolatier: Pomegranate and K Truffles

After three blissful days of posting about the treats from K Chocolatier, I am sad to report that today is the last day. I may have spent (amount redacted) at the shop, but that doesn’t buy much because it costs (amount redacted) per ounce.

But it’s worth every penny. Listen. I don’t get cable. I painted my own place. I cook my own food. I spend my money on what matters. Chocolate. Chocolate like these wonderful chocolate-covered pomegranate fruit gels.

I happen to naturally adore anything with tart fruit and chocolate, but when Diane Kron handed me a sample of this creation, I almost squealed with delight.

Or perhaps I really did. Whatever. You would, too.

The jelly pomegranate center is a perfectly blend of tart and sweet, with a firm texture that resembles that of a fruit pate. The chocolate surrounding it is perfectly smooth with a medium melt, and a flavor that hints at the tartness inside with just a touch of sugar to offset the intensity. Slowly chewing this treat gives you an instantaneous blend of tart, sweet, and bitter – a beautiful combination.

I need another bag. Can K Chocolatier open up in DC?

I’m frankly surprised that they haven’t, because the recipe for K truffles were purportedly developed for Ms. Jackie-O herself.

These truffles smell like intense cocoa powder, with a fruity aroma – specifically, banana – and a coffee undertone.

The interior, which is truly the highlight, is firm dark chocolate that is, at the same time, soft and creamy. There is a touch of added sugar, as well as what seems to be a hint of an alcohol kick, perhaps from a bit of vodka, that adds complexity but is not in any way overwhelming. The thin dark chocolate coating melds well with the firm interior, and the cocoa powder coating blends perfectly with the entire creation to result in a superbly complex bite. The small size of these truffles makes is easy to enjoy these as a tiny little treat. And easy for Diane to hand out samples of this prized creation of hers, which she will do the moment you walk into the shop. As if you are just as important as Ms. Jackie-O.

Has anybody ever developed a chocolate truffle recipe just for you?


  1. yuuuuuuum! I need to visit this chocolate store!! :D The pom chocolate sounds really awesome!

  2. Um, no one has made a truffle recipe for me... but that sounds pretty awesome!

  3. Holy moly those look amazing. I wish someone could develop chocolate for me-until then I'll just have to make my own chocolate waffles for now...

  4. oh man I still am not sure which of the chocolates is my favorite! I was trying to comment on the other two posts but silly Blogger wasn't letting me verbalize my drool!

    Those little pomegranate ones look divine! :)

    I am so with you on spending money on good food although my post today was on how we've let that get a BIT out of hand :P

  5. Don't worry, I can't count on my fingers the number of times I've wheezed and squealed upon entering chocolate and gourmet stores in other countries :)

  6. ooo, those pomegranate gels sound tasty! As do the truffles. I think I'll commission you to make a pomegranate truffle for me. You can even call it the Jessie-A. (kidding of course, but not about making them!)

  7. I believe you CAN get this stuff in DC: