Monday, June 20, 2011

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: Caramels

Since the milk chocolate truffle I ate from the box of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates that I was gifted was plain but non-offensive, I elected to move along to the caramels, as I generally enjoy these. The milk chocolate version was up first.

The couverture is sweet and lacks complexity; it also flakes away from the caramel because of a fatal texture mismatch, with the chocolate being soft and the caramel being hard.

And when I say “hard,” I mean “impossible to eat.” In the small bit that I was able to break off, I tasted a bit of vanilla and butter, but it was little more than a leathery sugar lump. It was so bad that I actually couldn’t finish it. It was disposed of, chocolate and all.

A tragedy.

Perhaps the dark chocolate caramel would be better?

In this case, at least the chocolate was better. It has an earthy flavor with a weak coffee undertone, and features a nice, smooth melt. We’re doing better already.

And then we get to the caramel.

It’s just as bad as the milk chocolate version. Some vanilla and butter to go with the sugary leather. The couverture, of course, broke away. But that was good news, because I was able to salvage and enjoy the chocolate before tossing the caramel.

Have you ever had a chocolate so bad that you had to throw it away?


  1. Of course.

    Being such a curious creature, I want to try as many things as I can. So obviously not everything is going to be great. Most of the things I try are going to fall into the "average" category. But there will be some amazing ones; there will be some really bad ones, even some inedible ones. And those falling into those last two categories I do throw away after taking those first two bites that let me know just how bad they are.

  2. That is sad.

    Have you tried the TJ's sea salt caramel dark chocolate yet? I had half a bar after the ride yesterday. My semi-pro chocolate analysis was "yummy" Especially for something that only cost $1.99.

  3. I've been seduced by the RMCF caramels before in various airports over the years. They look so goo but somehow never deliver the flavor or texture I'm looking for.

  4. Oh man. That is seriously so upsetting. I haven't had any chocolate that I find that repulsive but I have had some pretty bad pieces.

  5. Oh I really hate it hard caramels!! Yes ive had quite a few chocolates that ive had to throw away..normally ones that are either just really badly made or have a huge glug of alcohol in, i cant really handle alcohol in my chocolates.

  6. Serious disappointment. Usually I only end up throwing away the chocolates that were the flavor I didn't want :)

  7. ugh yes that caramel does not look that great!

  8. Oh goodness, I am sorry that these were so terrible! A tragedy indeed, as they looked quite tasty.
    When I was younger, I used to despise anything coconut so if I accidentally ate a chocolate with coconut, well I threw it away asap!

  9. This is devastating- how disappointing to have bad chocolate!!! I looooove fruit cream chocolates, and the Rocky Mountain Orange Cream is ah-mazing. I always hate biting into a cherry cordial chocolate, though! I definitely do not have a taste for that!
    (p.s. found your blog through confessions of an RD!)

  10. Yep! Any chocolate with orange in it ;) And if I want hard caramel-type treats, i'll just grab a bag of Werther's Originals (in fact, that's what I have in my desk drawer right now...)

  11. Ugh, inedible is so disappointing! Didn't they try to eat their own chocolates?

  12. I agree with everyone else that this chocolate experience sounds sad and disappointing. I would throw away some chocolate Easter candy. I can't remember the brand names, but the candy is wrapped in brightly colored foils in clear plastic bags. It is subpar chocolate for sure.