Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vosges Caramels: Crema

Since I thoroughly enjoyed the Vosges Dulce de Leche truffle, I was very excited about trying out the Crèma caramel, which involved dulce de leche caramel. They had to be similar, no?

There are cashews on top of the milk chocolate, which was the first similarity with the truffle, so my anticipation grew before I bit in.

Sadly, the caramel inside was very chewy, which resulted in the milk chocolate crumbling away with every bite. Now the milk chocolate was the signature ultra-smooth Vosges milk chocolate, so this tells me that the caramel was super chewy. Though the texture was disappointing from my perspective, I did detect a pleasing cream flavor in the caramel, and thought that a dark chocolate might blend better with the sweet dulce de leche caramel. However, a dark chocolate would have certainly crumbled if molded against this ultra-chewy caramel, so the final product still would have been a tad disappointing. While I enjoyed the flavor of this caramel, I had a difficult time overcoming the chewy texture. Other caramels in the collection are better.


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