Monday, January 2, 2012

Hotel Chocolat Raspberry Riot: There's Real Fruit

I’m sure you all have some profound New Year’s resolution or something. Probably involving eating healthier or exercising more. Since I already write about running too much on this blog, I’m going to help you out in case your resolution is to eat more fruit.

See? Raspberry! The Hotel Chocolat Raspberry Riot bar, that is. A bar of40% cacao milk chocolate with raspberry white chocolate, which weighs in at an impressive 28% cacao, quite high for white chocolate. The bar also packs some cookie bits, meringue, and real raspberry pieces.

Real fruit, folks. Real fruit. It’s evident the moment you unwrap the bar, as the tangy aroma emerges immediately along with some creamy notes. And

Milk! Calcium! This bar belongs in your diet.

The base raspberry white chocolate has a creamy melt and a tangy raspberry flavor, which nicely contrasts with the sweet white chocolate. The raspberry pieces, which are freeze dried, are even more tart, the meringue pieces, however, nicely balance that tartness with their crisp sweetness dispersed throughout the bar.

The cookie pieces add even more crunch than the meringue, but don’t overwhelm the bar with additional sugar, and resemble a chocolate cracker more than a cookie. With all of these tart and sweet components, the milk chocolate is barely noticeable in most bites, though it does offer some caramel and cream flavors. The raspberry white chocolate certainly dominates the bar, which is fine. It gives the overall effect of a rich frozen custard with delicious raspberry sauce, some thick chocolate fudge, and crumbled bits of cookie and meringue on top.

But it’s healthy, you know. Fruit.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Or are you cynical and bitter like me?


  1. Haha bring on the fruit I say!

  2. Well this is annoying and weird! You've been blogging but my google reader has stopped sending through your posts, so I thought you must've been having a break! I'm still subscribed but nothing had come through since December 20. Grrrr! Ah well, I have lots of catch up on now. Yay! :)

    Also, cynical and bitter. I don't think I've ever made a resolution in my life.

  3. That is one crazy looking bar. Sounds good!

  4. Course! Im sure this is one of our 5 a day hehe! Full of important nutrients!

  5. This one loos like a lot of fun! And Raspberries!