Friday, December 30, 2011

Chuao Honeycomb Bar

It’s still that dead zone between Christmas and New Year’s Day when nobody has to go to work except the lackeys. But today, I won’t need the loud popping of the Chuao Firecracker bar to break the dead silence of an office with no other occupants. Because today is the week that I get Friday off, since my generous employer allows us to put in extra hours other days in exchange for taking every other Friday off.

So instead, for my day off, I have another Chuao bar: the Honeycomb bar, a 60% cacao dark chocolate bar with caramelized honey.

The bar has a floral aroma with perhaps a bit of honey.

The bits of honey are nicely ground and crispy, adding a bit of sugar and some caramel-like flavor to the bar.

The chocolate itself is dominantly vanilla and not very complex, and the melt is also a bit dry. The crisp texture of the honeycomb and the mild honey flavor are, however, a nice enhancement. Perhaps a bit dominant over the chocolate, but a nice concept nonetheless.

Have you had honeycomb with chocolate?


  1. Mm that looks lovely; I had Chuao's panko bar and loved it yum!

  2. Ooh! I hope to get my hands on some Chuao soon, every bar sounds delicious and intriguing. This one is no exception:)