Friday, October 21, 2011

Hotel Chocolat: Lemon Cheesecake Bar

Before I get down to business with today’s delightful chocolate creation, I am going to deliver some earth-shattering news that will affect your day in ways you can’t imagine.


I’m going to start posting Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as opposed to every day, for the foreseeable future. This probably makes you very sad. That’s OK! Embrace your feelings. It’s healthy. And in case you miss my daily dose of sarcasm and chocolate talk come Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the weekends…just find me on twitter. Or meet me for a swim. Or perhaps a bike ride. Plenty of snarky conversation will ensue, I promise.

Alright now. Administrative update complete. Time for chocolate. Today, we’ve got a bar that reminds me a bit of summer, which seem entirely out of place with the fall weather and slowly-changing leaf colors here in DC.

Whatever. It’s chocolate. Specifically, it’s Hotel Chocolat’s Lemon Cheesecake bar, a lemon white chocolate base with milk chocolate and pieces of cocoa cookies.

This beautifully-constructed bar has a clear lemon aroma with a hint of cream. That lemon flavor emerges immediately, but doesn’t have any sour bite to it, and seems to draw its flavor from lemon oil.

The lemon flavor is complemented by a tang reminiscent of cheesecake; the smooth melt and sweetness of the white chocolate make these delicious flavors even more enjoyable. The milk chocolate, while sparse, adds a hint of caramel when you hit it, similar to a thin caramel topping on a cheesecake. The overall blend of all these flavors is just like a lemon cheesecake with a bit of light caramel sauce.

Captured in cocoa butter.

In other words, I love this bar. Love.

What dessert would you like to see captured in cocoa butter?


  1. That bar is just so pretty.

    I would love to come meet you for a bike ride. At least on a bike ride, I might be able to keep you in sight in the distance. A swim, that would be a joke.

    Let's make that happen.

  2. I wish I liked white chocolate more! Then I could enjoy this delightfully pretty work of art:)

  3. This looks like such a fun bar! It sounds like all it wants is to please, without any pretensions.

  4. lemon + chocolate is one of my favorite things!

  5. Good woman. Blogging should never become a chore or a burden getting in the way of the real process of living :) This is something I still have to remind myself, so that I make sure I don't post start feeling I should more than every two days. This sounds fantastic, by the by! I wish we had something liek HC in Aus.

  6. I love the large range of bars that hotel chocolat do; i never got to try this lemon cheesecake one but it looks like ti was good!

  7. I am glad you are posting when you want to... the fun is sucked out of blogging when it feels like an obligation to. I don't know if you have reached that point, but at least you are taking precautions to avoid getting there
    Oh and yes please to these, lemon anything is rather awesome.

  8. You're apologizing for posting thrice a week. Ugh! Way to make me feel bad about myself! I'm going to need a few of these bars to feel better. I blame you.