Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August Cocova/Eclat Sample Event

Welcome back, fellow chocolate lovers! I've been consumed with many non-chocolate adventures this summer - namely, training to cross the finish line at Ironman Louisville last month. I'm happy to report that I did it, and you can read about it on my other blog, and am even happier to report that I have more time to talk about chocolate.

Just in time for an event at Cocova last Friday.

Intriguing? Turns out that Christopher Curtin of Eclat was there to sample and discuss some of his divine creations. 

I've had the opportunity to try some of the Eclat bars before, including their Milk Chocolate Pretzel Bar, and have generally been pleased. They had an intriguing toasted corn bar out for review, and I, of course, checked it out.

Though I wasn't very drawn to that bar, the sampling event was far from over, as Eclat provided caramels and truffles for enjoyment as well.

Christopher proudly showcased his Fortunato No.4 truffle, a simple ganache that allowed the distinct flavor of the rare Peruvian cacao to shine. 

It's good to be back with chocolate.


  1. And i just realized I was reading both of your blogs and commented about this one on the other one... spazz/stalker attack. I am sorry.

  2. YAYYY for the chocolates being back! teehee.