Friday, February 24, 2012

Patric: Rio Caribe Superior 70% Cacao

That pungent cheese-filled chocolate bar I discussed on Tuesday scared me away from complex chocolate creations for a while. I needed the pure stuff. Just plain, high-quality chocolate. I sought this comfort in the Patric Rio Caribe Superior 70% cacao bar, made with cacao from the Paria Peninsula in Venezuela.

This cleanly molded bar has a subtle coffee aroma and a quick melt.

The melt quickly reveals a bitter, coffee-centric flavor, with just a tiny bit of sugar. Though I enjoyed the creamy melt, which is rare but wonderful in a dark chocolate, I found it to be just a tad bitter for my tastes. It was evident that this bar was made from well-handled cacao, so I will have to try another Patric bar to find a flavor profile that I enjoy more.


  1. Where did you buy this? Patric changed his packaging forever ago, so I'd imagine this bar is well over a year old (maybe closer to two). I prefer Rogue's Rio Caribe to Patric's, but love Patric's 75% madagascar.

  2. Wow I don't know why but the amusement of the P logo on the bar has got me laughing. Hope you find a bar you can enjoy more :)

  3. Ooh, you had my complete attention at "subtle coffee aroma and a quick melt", but it's too bad it was a little too bitter. Still sounds pretty tasty...I hope you can find another flavor that you find better!

  4. I was going to say that the new labels appeal to me much more - these old ones don't draw me to the chocolate at all. They are so boring and same-as-so-many-others-ish.

    Mmm, Rogue Rio Caribe.